Harry Wheat
2017-07-04, 15:23
I am a Mississippi man who had a stroke in 2014 and was unable to speak. Developing these games has played an important role in regaining my speech. I hope that this site can help others the way it has helped me. Read my story to find out more about me!
Tammie Ladner
2017-07-04, 15:10
As a Speech Language Pathologist, this website is exactly what I need to work with many types of patients. Stroke, TBI and dementia patients have benefited from the games on Stroke Network. It also allows them to practice at home for memory and word finding tasks. I would highly recommend becoming a member!
2017-06-26, 23:48
Great website. I had a stoke 6months ago. These games are helping me recover my brain! Thanks!